Posted by: snoozerider | December 2, 2010

The Stitch Files – Running Stitch

Sharon has released part four of the Stitch Files – you can download them here.

One of the stitches this time was the humble running stitch and I have had fun with it. First off, I challenged myself to stitch with colours that do not normally form part of my palette (pastel, muted, pink – feminine!!) and made this little felted piece:

running on felt

I actually quite like it, and so does DH, cos he has pinched it for a mat to put on top of one of his speakers!

Then I had a play with whipping and interlacing rows of running stitch, and I like the way they look too:

running stitch closeup

As well as working on my stitch files I have also been doing a bit of holiday related stitching. Some I can’t reveal as the recipients may well see this blog first, but I can show you this, which is a little embellished and stitched piece I created to affix to a sketchbook for my much loved stepdad:

mystical tree

I think this is my favourite piece of embroidery so far, I especially love the effect of the chain stitch tree trunk. I was inspired to stitch this by some of the lovely brooches made by Kayla coo – check them out on her blog.

I am also busy making a mini (doll sized) quilt using some of my hexagon flowers. Waif has demanded a quilt for his soft toy guinea pig – the imaginatively named Guinea Baby – and apparently Guinea Baby insists on hexagons and a red/orange/yellow/brown colour scheme! I don’t have time to piece a whole hexie quilt, even this size, so I am hand appliqueing the flowers to square blocks which I will then sew into a four patch. The first two are yellow and orange flowers on red backgrounds, the next two will be red/brown flowers on an orangey yellow background. I think it will look pretty nice :-). Let’s hope Guinea Baby approves!

first two blocks for Guinea Baby



  1. When I saw your embroidered tree come up on Flickr it reminded me of someone else works and until I just read your blog, I couldn’t for the life of me remember who! It looks so pretty. Blogging about holiday gifts is so tricky. I keep wanting to share stuff, then remember maybe I’d better not until after Christmas!

  2. Wow, your pieces are very imaginative and inspirational. Love that tree!

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