Posted by: snoozerider | March 29, 2010

Lovely, wonky house

I have made my third free pieced house for Waif’s quilt and think it’s the most liberated yet (possibly aided by a glass of wine or two ;-)).  I pulled out a few random squares and rectangles from my scrap bag for windows and doors and sewed strips of the house fabric around them in a fairly unplanned way, then just fitted them all together at the end.  I particularly like the circular pattern on the downstairs window.  I made the chimney a bit too big, so just sewed another strip of sky on the top to compensate.  Liberated quilting ROCKS 🙂



  1. This rocks!

  2. great liberated house block
    LOVE the fabrics you chose as well

    • Thank you!

  3. Great houses! I absolutely love them!!

  4. Very fun…doesn’t look like you are a new quilter at all! BTW – love your blog header photo!

    • Thanks! My 10 year old son took the photo in the blog header – R2D2 raids the button tin!

  5. I love your wonky houses! You’ve made a great start on this quilt. Yes, liberated piecing is quite addictive. It makes it hard to go back to regular piecing. A little wine doesn’t hurt either!

  6. I really like your wonky houses. The background fabrics are perfect.

  7. I love your spontaneity in your liberated houses! I came here from a link at dordognequilter-I’m also a member of LibQuilters. But I also am drawn to your traditional patterns and lovely color choices.
    See you at LibQuilters, Kathleen C. in CT

    • Thank you! I am loving the liberated quilting, it’s such fun. But I also like really traditional designs as well, so it’s perfect having two quilts on the go at once – the liberated village and the super-traditional log cabin.

  8. I’m here by way of Clare’s. Great job on the houses!

    • Thank you, it was your website that inspired me to try it so very flattered you like them 🙂

  9. Very Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. …clapping…..clapping……you GO GIRL!!!!

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