Posted by: snoozerider | March 24, 2010

A Traditional Log Cabin and a Liberated House!

I have made a start on the boys’ quilts and they will be at opposite ends of the quilting spectrum.  Gman’s is based on a very traditional quilt block, the log cabin (although I think the dramatic red/black colour scheme makes it modern looking) and Waif’s will be a “liberated”, free pieced (no measuring, no templates, no perfect quarter inch seams – eek!) village quilt.  Here’s pics of each so far:

First four log cabin blocks in various layouts:

First house for Waif’s village:

First free pieced house for Waif's village quilt



  1. Well…Heck Yee-Ow….what a great FIRST!!! Ok…let’s see 50 more!!!

  2. Are the quilts finished yet? I would love to see the results.

    • I am ashamed to say that neither quilt is finished yet…but hoping to get them done and dusted early in 2011, so watch this space!!

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